After installation Proxy+ works as a 3 user version (2 concurrent users, 3 mail users, 1MB of disk cache). The use of this version is free forever. When you put in your own registering key, Proxy+ sets itself to work as your ordered version.

Installation file - English version 3.0 #264, (9 Oct 2006, ~ 1500kB) Change log
  - Original site

FTP server:
  - ftp://ftp.proxyplus.net/current/us: last fixed version
  - ftp://ftp.proxyplus.net/testversion/us: snapshots of version with new features (beta versions)


The program is distributed as a self-extracting archive. Copy it to the computer where Proxy+ will be running and start it.


All configuration of Proxy+ is provided by way of a WWW browser with frames support (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.x and higher or Netscape Navigator version 3.x and higher are recommended). Proxy+ displays its administrator interface at the address http://ProxyAddr:4400. These pages display program status and enable management. ProxyAddr is the IP address or domain name of the computer running Proxy+, and after the colon is the default port number 4400.

If you have a problem downloading the installation file, send mail to install@proxyplus.cz and we will send it to you.

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