Secure setting of Proxy+ is such which will disallow using and abusing of Proxy+ services by unauthorized users. The possibility of an attack should not be underestimated. Especially if you are connected frequently, for long time, or if you have permanent connection (leased line, wireless connection, cable modem,..) to the Internet it's better to allow access to the local company network users only. In these days, when there are special programs freely available able to find weakly secured computer, you cannot hope that hacker will miss your computer. If you neglect the security settings it can happen that your computer will be a target of an attack (hacker can change Proxy+ settings, get some setting information etc.) or your computer can be used as an intermediate for other attacks (hacker can use your computer to attack another server and to increase his anonymity as he leaves information about your computer on the attacked one).

There are changes in the default settings of Proxy+ from version 2.40 - most of services are disabled by default. Lot of Proxy+ users never use these services and in case of improper security configuration they can be abused by hacker to attack another computer (typically by Telnet Gateway or SOCKS server). There is one new security feature from version 2.40 - list of insecure interfaces. In contrast to the Secure Interfaces and Secure Clients lists (known from previous versions) this one is enabled by default and its content is composed automatically. Most of Proxy+ installations should be secured from attacks from the Internet automatically.

Possibilities of securing Proxy+

Examples of secure settings
All articles about security from the knowledge base

How to find that Proxy+ is/was abused by unauthorized users
Specialties of some Internet connection types

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