Searchable knowledge base

This page gives you access to the Proxy+ Knowledge Base, where you can search for information about any problem that we solved. Stored articles include instructions on using Proxy+, troubleshooting information, issues and resolutions, example configurations and more.

On-line manual

Manual contains information how to configure browsers, mail clients, other application software, mail server of Proxy+, and connection to the Internet.

Mailing list   |   Mailing list archive

You may join our mailing list and ask questions of other list members.

E-mail support

You can send your questions to support@proxyplus.net and problem reports to. If you are reporting a problem, please provide us version and build number of Proxy+ and version of Windows.

! Check your reply address carefully to get answer - if you have your e-mail client improperly configured we will not be able to deliver our answer. Response time highly depends of problem, but it is typically within 2 working days.

News via E-mail

Sign up here, if you want to receive latest news about Proxy+ to you email box.

E-mail suggestions

Thank you for any suggestions, they will be taken into consideration in the programming of new versions. The best way to contact us is write a message to suggestions@proxyplus.net.

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